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General Radio 1620-A
Capacitance-Measurement Assembly
General Radio 1620-A Capacitance-Measurement Assembly

Available from 1963 to 1978+

Catalog History
 Document Year Page
Catalog R 1963 37
Catalog S 1965 59
Catalog T 1968 80
Catalog U 1970 88
Catalog73 1973 160
Catalog78 1978 47
(All manuals in PDF format unless noted otherwise)

The General Radio 1620-A Capacitance-Measurement Assembly was introduced in Catalog R (1963) and remained available through Catalog 1978.

The Type 1620-A Capacitance-Measurement Assembly is based on a compilation of Types 1240-A Oscillator/Null Detector and 1615-A Capacitance Bridge into a single unit. Early models were connected physically by bolting their aluminum end frames together. Later models were rack-mounted in a purpose-built cabinet.


  • See Type 1240-A for Bridge Oscillator and Amplifier/Null Detector specifications
  • See Type 1615-A for Capacitance Bridge specifications