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General Radio 1269-A
Power Supply
General Radio 1269-A Power Supply

Available from 1963 to 1973

Catalog History
 Document Year Page
Catalog R 1963 173
Catalog S 1965 219
Catalog T 1968 213
Catalog U 1970 239
Catalog73 1973 231
(All manuals in PDF format unless noted otherwise)

The General Radio 1269-A Power Supply was introduced in Catalog R (1963) and remained available through Catalog 1973.

The Type 1269-A is a general-purpose power supply. Although it can be used to supply most unit instruments, its form factor is designed to accommodate oscillator types 1361-A, 1362 and 1363. Having similar dimensions, the 1269-A can be mechanically connected to these oscillators creating a stable combination. Both outputs are regulated and floating from ground.


  • Output Voltage: 300 VDC (±5%) at 50 mA
  • Ripple: Less than 80 mVRMS at full load, 120 Hz
  • Heater Voltage: 6.3 VAC at 3 A