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General Radio 874-VC
Variable Capacitor
eneral Radio 874-VC Variable Capacitor

Available from 1954 to 1961

Catalog History
 Document Year Page
Catalog N 1954 131
Catalog O 1956 56
Catalog P 1959 53
Catalog Q 1961 49
(All manuals in PDF format unless noted otherwise)

The General Radio 874-VC Variable Capacitor was introduced in Catalog N (1954) and remained available through Catalog Q (1961).

The Type 874-VL is a general-purpose variable capacitor used as a tuning element in resonant line circuits, matching transformers, and baluns at low frequencies. Can be used as a general purpose shielded capacitor at lower frequencies. The 874-VL is very similar to the Types 1602-P3 and 1607-P3 variable capacitors used as low-frequency susceptance standards, all are based on the 1420 series of variable capacitors.

The Type 874-VC was replaced by the locking version Type 874-VCL from Catalog R (1963) on.


  • Capacitance Range: 14 to 70 pF at low frequencies; at high frequencies see curves in data sheet
  • Capacitance Variation: Linear
  • Dial Calibration: 0 to 100 not in capacitance