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Henry P. Hall (2004)
Henry P. Hall (1966)

Henry Parsons Hall (b. June 28, 1928 in East Orange, NJ – d. July 17, 2023 in Fort Myers, FL) earned a bachelor of arts from Williams College (Williamstown, MA) in 1949, and a bachelor of science and a master’s degree in electrical engineering (1952) from MIT.

He joined General Radio as a co-op student in 1949, became a full-time development engineer in the GR impedance measurement group in 1952, advancing to group leader in 1964. In 1969 he chose to focus on research, working as an engineering staff consultant. He later became senior principal engineer and then senior staff scientist (1978), his title at retirement in 1992.

Among other achievements, he is credited with the design of the Digibridge instrument and invented the Orthonull mechanism (see 1650-A).

Hall was a Life Fellow of the IEEE and one of only three General Radio Fellows. He was awarded the 2004 IEEE Joseph F. Keithley Award in Instrumentation and Measurement “for fundamental contributions to electrical measurements, with particular emphasis on the development of impedance bridges and standards, and the application of microprocessors to impedance measurement science.”




Instrument Description Literature link
1206-B Unit Amplifier 1953-11 GE
1212-P2 One-Megacycle Filter 1956-01 GE
1232-P2 Preamplifier 1967-02 GE
1265-A Adjustable DC Power Supply 1962-05 GE
1417 Four-Terminal Capacitance Standard Catalog 1978
1426 Four-Terminal Capacitance Standard 1968-01 GE
1433-B Decade Resistors 1968-11 GE
1434-B Decade Resistors 1965-10 GE
1455-B Decade Voltage Dividers 1967-04 GE
1605-A Impedance Comparator 1954-04 GE
1608-A Impedance Bridge 1962-03 GE
1613-A Capacitance Bridge 1958-02 GE
1617-A Capacitance Bridge 1966-06 GE
1633-A Incremental Inductance Bridge 1962-05 GE
1644-A Megohm Bridge 1964-07 GE
1650-A Impedance Bridge 1959-03 GE
1656 Impedance Bridge 1970-03 GE
1657 Digibridge 1976
1658 Digibridge 1976
1666 Resistance Bridge 1972 Autumn GR Today
1685 Digital Impedance Meter 1973
1686-A Digital Capacitance Meter
1687 1 MHz Digibridge
1688 Precision LC Digibridge
1689 Precision Digibridge
1862-C Megohmmeter 1963-07 GE
1863 Megohmmeter (Inspection model) 1969-03/04 GE
1864 Megohmmeter (Laboratory model) 1969-03/04 GE