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General Radio 1396-A
Tone-burst generator
General Radio 1396-A Tone-Burst Generator

Available from 1965 to 1965

Catalog History
 Document Year Page
Catalog S 1965 167
(All manuals in PDF format unless noted otherwise)

The General Radio 1396-A Tone-Burst Generator was available in Catalog S (1965) only.

The Type 1396-A is basically a switching device that accepts two input signals, the "tone" and the "gate" and outputs a gated tone or tone-burst. One signal can be used for both functions and a shorting bar is provided for that purpose as seen on the front panel. Gate duration is expressed in cycles of the gate signal using two panel controls and indicated by two panel lamps just above. The Type 1396-A also has a built in gate generator that's variable in two ranges and calibrated in milliseconds. Applications include amplifier, transducer or speaker testing, it also useful for transmitter testing.


  • Signal to be gated:
  • Frequency Range: dc to 500 kHz.
  • Maximum Voltage Level: ±7 V (5 V, rms).
  • Input Impedance: Approximately 10 kΩ.
  • Timing Signal:
  • Frequency Range: dc to 500 kHz.
  • Maximum Voltage Level: ±10 V.
  • Minimum Valtage Level: 1 V, p-to-p.
  • Input Impedance: Approximately 7 kΩ.
  • Triggering: Slope selectable, trigger level adjustable from -7 to +7 V.
  • Gated Signal Output:
  • Gate Open Output: Maximum signal level is ±7 V.
  • Gate-Closed Output: Less than 140 mV, p-to-p, (-40 dB) with maximum signal input.